With so many exercises and ways to train there is a lot of confusion as to what things to include in a workout. To help you in your quest and get the most of a workout I’ll give you a set of guidelines to help you optimise your time.  I’m not saying these are the only way to train, but in terms of getting good all round results and improvements in strength, power, muscle development conditioning and general mobility I feel this is the way to go.

The guidelines will be based around what you should include within your training sessions within a week rather than one session but by all means if is possible to fit parts of each into a single session. Depending on your training age what is included in a single session will vary, beginners get away with training full body in a workout, whereas more advanced trainers should focus on lower volume and maybe splitting workouts into movements or body parts (depending on goal).

1. Include at least 5-10 minutes of mobility, stretching and foam rolling – flexibility , tissue quality and joint mobility are essential to good exercise form and being able to move effectively.  The older you get, and the greater the training age the more mobility work you should be doing in your session.

2. Explosive dynamic movements at the start of the workout – this does not have to be high in volume, actually lower volume is more effective when it comes to power movements.  Around 10 quality reps is a decent guideline, and you don’t necessarily have to use a barbell – think plyo box jumps or bounds too.

3. Include at least one compound, multi-joint movement (squats, deadlifts, press or row) focusing on lower reps for strength – pick one of these big lifts and perform sets of less than 5 reps. Start off lighter and over a few weeks increase the weight and try to peak before reducing the weight again and build up towards another peak and so forth.  Make sure you have good form on these lifts first though.  As Mike Boyle would say – “don’t add strength to dysfunction.”

4. Use a higher volume exercise for hypertrophy or assistance work – generally you should include hypertrophy work which can be used to strengthen an area by using higher volume.  Normally between 50-100 reps per body part is effective and provides sufficient time under tension to promote hypertrophy.  As you begin to age more of the session should focus on hypertrophy as lean muscle mass tends to dwindle as we age.

5. Include a corrective exercise to improve weak areas – maybe your upper back is weak when you squat, then adding some type of upper or mid back exercise to correct this problem such as face pulls or rows.  Maybe your knees cave in when you squat then performing an exercise that hits the external rotators such as band walks may be necessary.  All you have to do is figure out the weak area (which can be more challenging).

6. Include a rehab/prehab exercise – maybe you have had a previous injury that still needs extra strengthening or rehab – then add this in during your rest periods of your main sets (it’s more productive than creeping on facebook during your rest periods).  Even if you’re lucky and injury free you could do some preventative work on areas that are easy to injure – rotator cuff if you press a lot or if you’re a boxer, baseball pitcher; or if you’re a female athlete ACL prehab can be useful as women are more susceptible to ACL tears.

7. Use a new exercise as part of warm up to help improve technique – maybe you are learning how to power clean or learning to box squat – why not get some practice in with an empty barbell as one of the final exercises of your warm up?

8. Include a core stablisation movement – core work should focus on stabilization (planks, bridges, isometric anti-movement patterns) and mobilization (think crunches, russian twists etc.)  Crunches are probably the worst exercise your lower back and your never going to get  a six-pack by doing them! (six packs are made in the kitchen).

9. Pick up something heavy and carry it – strongman type carries are great movements for general body strength and true core development – Stuart McGill (spine researcher) found that strong men develop great core strength and activate lesser muscles (like quadratus lumborum and multifidus) which are necessary for a bullet-proof core.  Dan John also recommends we pick up something heavy and carry it – doesn’t matter what, dumbbell, kettlebell, plate, sand bag I don’t care! Farmers walks, suitcase carries, bottom up carries, over the shoulders, overhead…whatever way you want! It’s all good!

10. Intense interval conditioning work – it doesn’t have be particularly long but it has to be intense – meaning when you work you go as hard and as fast as you can. Try to vary your conditioning, sprinting, skipping, bike, battling ropes or prowler pushes. Good intervals may be 20s work/40s rest, 30s work/30s rest, 40s work/20 rest etc. – perform multiple reps of these time periods.  Conditioning work is important as general physical prep, maitaining a cardio base and helping you stay lean.

Well there you have it, a good set of guidelines to follow you should be well on your way to becoming a  machine! Try to implement at least a few of these pointers – you won’t regret it!

Optimise your Workouts


Wendler 531My Training Diary: 5/3/1 week 3 Bench Press (cycle 1)

Hey folks,

Time for an update with my own training.  After been given the all clear to start back to free weights training on my knee I decided to change my training up from the Westside style training and move back into Wendler’s 5/3/1.  Last year I did a 5/3/1 cycle for about 6 months and the results were awesome and I enjoyed the program immensely.

Wendler’s 5/3/1 program is a back to basics fool-proof masterpiece for building raw strength.  It focuses on the main lifts: squat, bench press, deadlift and military press.  You perform each of these exercises on separate days as your main lift, based on percentages of your “training max”.  There are a host of assistance exercises which can be used to strengthen any weaknesses, build muscle and add balance to the main strength lifts.  The good thing about the assistance work is that it’s pretty much up to you.

Anyway, having just started the program again 3 weeks ago I have hit my first peak week in the 4 week repeating cycle.  Your target for the final set of your main lift in week 3 is to get at least one rep of the weight based on a percentage of your training max.  If you are feeling good you can aim for more reps but are generally recommended not to go to complete failure and leave a rep or two in the tank.

This is how my session looked:

1. Bench Press (5/3/1) : 60kg x 5, 65kg x 5, 75k x 5, 95kg x 5 105kg x 3, 120kg x 8

2. DB Floor Press: 4 x 10 reps (35kg DBs)

3. Bent over Barbell rows: 6og x 10, 80kg x 10, 80kg x 10, 80kg x 10

4a. Facepulls: 5 x 12 reps

4b. Tricep rope pushdown: 5 x 12 reps

5. BB shrugs: 3 x 8 reps

6. DB Hammer Curls: 3 x 15 reps

Session as a whole was a good session and i feel  did well considering I had no food that morning and a pretty feeble dinner the night before! Was happy with the 8 reps at 120kg but know I can improve on that a fair bit.

keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of my progress on 5/3/1


My Training Diary: 5/3/1 week 3 Bench Press (cycle 1)

Make your protein shake whey better Aside

Make your protein shake whey betterMAKE YOUR PROTEIN SHAKE WHEY BETTER

Getting enough protein in your diet is essential whether you train or not, but meeting your protein consumption goal becomes even more important if you want to get strong, pack on some muscle and get lean.

Anyone who’s been drinking protein shakes for a while will be able to empathise with either having one that tastes like floor sweepings or when you are half way through your 10kg tub and you are so bored of the taste you are considering ending it! What if you wanted to spice things up (and I’m not talking about in the bedroom ;) )

Having been using protein supplements for the past decade, I can feel your pain – I too have held my nose while chuggin’ down shakes just to get some extra muscle-building material into my body.  Anyway, after a while of having either foul-tasting shakes or simply getting bored with the same flavour I have come up with ways to make your protein taste better and add additional nutritional value to you shakes.  Here’s what I have come up with:

Peanut Butter – get the natural stuff with no additives and add it to your protein shake and blend.  If you add it to chocolate flavour whey it will taste like snickers or add it to vanilla it will taste like a plain peanut butter shake.  Never tried it with strawberry whey but there is potential for it to taste like PB & jelly.

Great for: when you are trying to bulk up as an extra meal, or as a meal replacement if you are trying to cut and lose a bit of blub.

Cocoa Powder – cocoa powder is a great source of antioxidants, and will add a good bit of unsaturated fat to your shake.  If you are a chocolate fan add it chocolate whey and you will get a super smooth intense chocolate hit! Good substitute if you are trying to stop eating chocolate bars!

Ice cubes – blending a few ice cubes into your shake can make a world of difference.  Making your shake colder will mask so of the unwanted taste (if your protein happens to be a bit fusty).  Plus it will resemble a McDonalds extra thick milkshake if you make it up with milk, but with significantly less carbs and more protein.

Milk – Listen I know what Arnold said …milk is for babies…whatever! Trust me if you did everything Arnold has ever said you would have some funny ideas! I’m not one of those hippies who is against drinking milk (unless you are genuinely lactose intolerant). Add it to your protein shake and it will give it a creamier consistency plus adding some carbs and fat.  Probably more suitable if you are trying to get more calories in your diet when trying to gain weight.

Nesquik – If you want a post workout shake with high glycemic index carbs that are rapidly absorbed into the muscles as a result of an insulin spike, then adding Nesquik to your protein shake is a good option.  Plus it will make it taste sweeter and probably more palatable.

Strawberries – strawberries or any berries are a good addition to a vanilla or strawberry shake.  It will give you one of your 5 a day, plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants which are good for recovery.  Would be a good idea to blend the strawberries though!!

Coconut Milk – coconut milk is a good addition of Medium Chain triglycerides which are great if you are trying to lose a bit of body fat.  Plus it contains little carbs if you are on a low carb diet.  Add it to chocolate whey and it will resemble Bounty candy bars or add it to a raspberry or strawberry shake and it will also taste awesome!!

Anyway, let me know how you get on with these recipes.  You will be a more efficient protein guzzling machine, fuelled and ready to hit the gym hard!


Make your Protein Shake Whey better!

Reflecting Aside

Taking A Backwards Step

What is the point?

So often in life we are always told and encouraged to move forward, get to the next step, achieve a higher level, reach a new level of greatness. Over the past week, I have done quite the opposite – I have had a lot of time to reflect and take a step back, stop and look at where I am headed. Sometimes this can be the most valuable thing we ever do. Step back, assess who we are, and why we do what we do. What if the things you have been progressing towards are worthless and not what you were ever created to do.
Life is not so much about the things we do, but the people we are and the character we show. What is the point in being able to lift heavy weights? What is the point in it? I’ve asked myself this question this week – what is the point in the things that I do if I cannot be a man of integrity, be true to myself and be able to look another person in the eye and be able to say that I am true to myself and can hold my head up high because I did what is right. I guess lately I’ve become so focused on the external results that I’ve forgotten the most important part – it isn’t about what we do, but how we do it. So what if I’m the strongest man in the gym if I am weak in character, unable to live a life of honesty, being true to myself and those around me. You steal the world of your gifting and the person that you were meant to be! We are all here for an exact purpose, designed for a specific job and to make an impact in the world around us. How can we ever do this if we are not truly who we were created to be.
From taking this time to pause and reflect I can see who I am meant to be which will reflect a change in what I do. Am I going to stop training and lifting weights? Not at the minute, no. I am still training to get stronger, but more importantly I am training for life. What is the point in doing something like lifting weights in the gym if it has no positive impact to others outside of the gym. I am a big fan of Ray Lewis (NFL Footballer) – he talks about not training for football, but training for LIFE. Let me tell you, when you step into the gym you learn how to dedicate yourself to something, learning how to give your all. That’s always been a major issue for me – fully committing to something 100%, not 99%, and not 95%. When you give 100% you stand out from the crowd, even if you give 99% you may have the appearance of giving your all, but at the end of the day, you have to go back and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself whether you gave your all. That 1% matters most – it’s the difference between good and great. You have to live with the choices you make and be able to walk with integrity, which results in peace of mind knowing that you can hold your head up high and say I did all that I could POSSIBLY do and I was true to myself! If you did your BEST, what else matters? Who cares if somebody is better? Chances are though when you give you all, not many will be able to compete with you. When you look to either side, you will see excellence and greatness.
Crossfit athlete Camille Leblanc-Bazinet was once interviewed and she spoke bout finding her limits – she spoke about how she has continued to push herself again and again, but has yet to find her limit. I’m not sayng you should necessarily crossfit (I won’t be) – I don’t care what you do, but keep giving every thing you have to whatever you may do – your training, your marriage, your job, your LIFE.

So I encourage you today – take a step back and think about what you are doing, and why? Ask yourself who you really are? Once you’ve worked this out – take the next step into your destiny and don’t let anybody hold you back.


Taking a Backwards Step


Increase Bench Press

Want a better Bench?

How to Increase Your Bench Press in 10 Minutes

This is not another gimmick that you see on the front cover of a fitness magazine, that promises the world but fails to deliver – this actually works, and I guarantee that you will improve your bench in 10 mins flat! Sound too good to be true?

Personally if somebody came to me and wanted to improve their bench press the first thing I would normally ask is whether their technique is sound – not saying perfect, but is it good in the sense of do they have the main points down – are they squeezing the bar when they grip, is the upper back tight and shoulder blades pinched together, are they driving through the heels and do they tuck their elbows etc. With the average athlete (non-powerlifter or strong man) and I include professionals here, you could play around with their form for about 10 mins and make a few adjustments resulting in an improvement in their bench press.
Anyway the focus for this article is not on technique improvement, strengthening weak muscle groups or using a new programme for 12 weeks. This method is a quick fix in terms of getting a better result if you are testing your bench press (maybe you have a fitness test and bench press is included etc). This method involves improving neural activation in the muscles – what do I mean by this? Essentially it is short-term, temporary method of increasing motor recruitment which allows more muscle fibres and the increase rate of muscle fibre firing.

Over the last month or so by doing max rep tests with 100kg on the bench press to demonstrate this method of improvement. 100kg or 225lbs on one of the tests used for the NFL combine and is also used in other sports testing protocols. This test measures your local muscular endurance and strength – personally I don’t believe it’s a good measure in sports like American Football since it is a power sport, but nonetheless it is the test used so I decided to go with it. Anyway, I demonstrated this trick by one week doing the 100kg max rep bench test, simply by doing a few normal warm up sets for 4 or 5 reps with 40kg, 60kg and 80kg. The next set was my max out set with 100kg, which I achieved 15 reps (not my best ever score) but still, it was the score I got. It was the first exercise of the session and I hadn’t done any upper body work fr 2 days or so, so it wasn’t due to lack of recovery. A couple of weeks previous to this, I did the same 100kg max out set and achieved 18 reps (3 reps more). Where did these 3 reps come from and wha did I do differently? I simply performed 8 dynamic sets of 3 reps using bands and performed the reps explosively as possible, with 1 min rest between sets. This excited my neuromuscular system to such a degree that when I came to do my 100kg rep test immediately after, the bar flew up so much faster and easily. It’s quite a strange feeling, but I’m not going to complain.
I’m pretty sure this method of neural activation works for a number of exercises, and not just for higher reps, but for 3 rep and singles too. I’ll have to try this out in the future as I’ve never tried it before, but still the same rules apply.
Time to get some bands and your dynamic bench press on the go!


How to increase your Bench Press in 10 minutes!


My Training Diary: Summary of last weeks training 6th may – 12th may 2012

sourceofstrength my training may










Sunday 6th May

Upper Body Max Effort


Workout consisted of the following:

Bench press w/20kg of chain – working up to a max single (130kgx 1) – New PB!

Ring dips – 3 x 16 reps (bodyweight)

Chin ups w/fat grips (3 x max reps)

Monday 7th May


Tuesday 8th May

Back Workout

Wednesday 9th May

ACL Rehab

Spinning Class
45 mins

Thursday 10th May

Upper Body Dynamic Effort

1. Dynamic bench press – 8 x 3 reps, 65kg with x 2 pairs doubled monster mini bands (adds 30kg at top of lift)
2. Max rep bench press – 100kg – 18 reps
3. Rolling tricep extensions – 4 x 10 reps, 20kg DBs
4. Bent over barbell row – 4 x 10, 60kg, 70kg, 70kg, 70kg.
5. Four-way DB shoulder complex x3 sets, (upright rows x10, lateral raises x 10, front raises x10, reverse fly x 10), 9kg DBs

Friday 11th May

1. Military Press – 5×5 reps, 50kg/55kg/60kg/67.5kg/77.5kg

2. Band Pull Aparts – 2 x 15 reps, super mini band

3. Lateral Raises, Supinated grip – 1 x 20 reps, 7kg DBs

Sat 12th May

ACL Rehab / Legs

1a. Single Leg Press – 4 x 10/10 reps, 120kgs
b. Hamstring Curl Machine – 4 x 15 reps, no18

2. Glute bridges – 4 x 10, 70kg

3. Split Squats – 4 x 8/8, broomstick

4. TRX Single Leg Squats – 3 x 10/10, BW

5. Stretches & Foam Roll (hamstrings, quads, IT Band)

Overall a pretty productive week. New Personal Best in my upper body max effort exercise: Bench Press with chains, which is a 5kg increase on last week. Will be interesting to see how I get on this week for the final week of my 3 week cycle.


My Training Diary: Summary of last weeks training 6th may – 12th may 2012

Back Workout

Women should have strong backs too

Back to the Gym: Back Workout

“Back” to the gym for a workout after the May day bank holiday.  After having a full days rest with the gym being closed and since I was watching a few of my personal training and bootcamp clients doing legs of the Belfast Marathon, I decided to do a “back” workout.

Strictly speaking I’m not a major fan of splitting workouts into bodyparts in terms of doing a leg day, bicep day etc as I feel it’s not particularly relevent to most sports (unless it’s bodybuilding).  Sport is are about movements in various planes and generally using your whole body and not just a certain muscle group – what is done in the gym should be based on relevant movements too.  That is not to say that I do full body workouts in the gym every time I workout or for all my clients, because I don’t.  Full body workouts do have relevance to beginners and maybe for in season athletes who are lacking time and sufficient recovery to do 3 or 4 gym workouts a week – instead I may prescribe one or two full body workouts (which is not necessarily ideal but a good compromise for some folks in their situation).   I prefer programing workouts into categories like vertical press and bilateral hip flexion/extension one day and vertical pull and unilateral knee flexion/extension another etc.  This way all the major body movements are covered in the workouts for the week.  That being said, why on earth did I do a “back workout”?! Well I will explain – I may at times throw in body part workouts into my training week as extras if I feel a particular muscle group has been neglected or is weak.  For me not being the most mobile since knee surgery 11 weeks ago and not being completely weight-bearing I have felt that I neglected a lot of pulling movements in my workouts, which primarily involve the major back muscles (lats, traps, rhomboid, rear devoid etc) so

Workout consisted to 2 vertical pull exercises and 2 horizontal pull exercises to target main muscles. Workout is as follows:

1. Weighted Chins ups (20kg): 8 reps, 7 reps, 6 reps

2. KB kroc rows: 40kg, 3 x 15/15 reps

3. Lat pulldown, pronated wide grip: 3 x 12

4. Face pulls: 4 x 8 reps

Suffered from DOMS (delayed onset muscle-soreness) for about two days after this! Try it out if you get a chance. All good exercises that will strengthen and help you back grow.


Back to the Gym: Back Workout


My Training Diary: Summary of Last Weeks Training 29-Apr to 5-May

Ok folks, here’s what my training from last week looked like:

Sun 29th April – Upper Body Max Effort

This was the start of a new cycle using the Westside type method.  I selected bench press with chains as my upper body max effort exercise.  Adding chains is a form of accommodating resistance.  As the barbell is pressed from the chest most of the chain weight is on the floor so the weight is lightest at the bottom of the lift, and as it moves upwards more weight is added as the bar reaches the top of the lift were nearly all the chain weight is added onto the total barbell weight.  This a a good way of improving most areas of the lift as weight is added progressively and helps improve lockout.

1. Max Effort Exercise: Bench Press w/20kg chain total – worked up to a single (125kg x 1)

2. Ring Dips 3 x max reps – good exercise for developing stability and strength in shoulders

3. Chin ups w/fat gripz (fat grips make the bar thicker and harder on the grip) 3 sets

Mon 30th April – Upper Body Workout (repetition / hypertrophy work)

1. Bench Press w/chains 3 x 8 reps with 90kg on barbell

2.  Lat Pulldown (supinated grip) 3 x 10 reps

3a. DB lateral Raises – 3 x 10 reps, supersetted with:

3b. Band Pull aparts – 3 x 15 reps

ACL Rehab (directed by physical therapist)

Tuesday 1st May – Military Press & Biceps

1.  Military Press – 5 sets x 5 reps (50kg/55kg/62.5kg/70kg/72.5kg)

2. Barbell Bicep Curls – 5 x 10 reps

Wednesday 2nd May

1.  Spinning class (45 mins) – I usually instruct at least one spin class per week…not my fav form of cardio but won’t do me any harm

Thursday 3rd May – Upper Body Dynamic Effort

1. Bench Press w/x2 pairs doubled monster mini bands – 8 x 3 reps, 60kg (resting 1 min between sets)

2. Rolling Tricep Extensions – 4 x 10 reps (20kg DB)

3. Single Arm KB Row – 4 x 10/10 (40kg KB)

4. four-way shoulder complex (10 reps upright row, 10 reps lateral raise, 10 reps front raise, 10 reps reverse fly) x 3 sets

Friday 4th May – Leg hypertrophy work / ACL rehab

1. Leg press – 10 sets x 10 reps working up to 170kg

2. Hamstring Curl Machine – 4 x 15 reps

3. Barbell Glute Bridges – 4 x 10 reps, 60kg

4. Single Leg Hamstring Curl – 4 x 10 reps

5. Lateral band Walks – 4 x 12 reps, each side

Sat 5th May – Rest/Recovery

Foam Rolling & stretching, ate lots of chicken, went to Nandos, went for a walk

Overall, was a pretty decent week in terms of training.  Need to make more of an effort to get some upper body conditioning work on the go and eat more green veg! Any Questions give me a shout!


My Training Diary: Summary of Last Weeks Training 29-Apr to 5-May


Cartoon Strength Inspiration

There were many reasons as to why I got into strength training, but I guess one of my earliest influences was from different cartoons I watched when I was a kid growing up.  Many cartoons I watched on TV or read about had characters who were physically strong and powerful and did things that literally made my mouth drop.  When watching these cartoons, I wished that one day I would grow up to be big, strong and muscular.

1.  He-Man – For me, He-man was my earliest example of a cartoon character that was strong.  My brother used to watch, which got me into it.  For me he probably had the best physique of any cartoon character that inspired me….shame about the haircut!

Cartoon Strength

I Have the Powerrrr!!

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The Turtles were awesome, and although they had many other physical attributes – agility, power, jumping ability, they were all strong and all had good physiques (especially for being turtles!).  My fav was Donatello (the purple one), he had brains as well as strength and had a creative / inventive side which I admired.

Cartoon strength

3.  Popeye – I liked Popeye for his courage and his ability to stand up for himself and his woman.  I would also be lying if I said I didn’t admire Brutus’ strength and size….even though he was a tool! Popeye was probably the first cartoon to take a performance enhancing supplement (I still eat spinach to this day, not sure how much of an ergogenic effect it has but at least it’s full of vitamins & minerals).

Popeye Strength

Some guns for a spinach diet!!

4. Asterix and Obelix – Less well-known french cartoon featuring two Gauls (Asterix and Obelix), who fought against the Romans.  Asterix was the smaller and more nimble of the heroes (but still strong and punched way above his bodyweight), whereas Obelix had size and outright strength.  A key theme to their strength lied in their supply of “magic potion”, which gave them super human strength (part of the reason for Obelix’s pure mass and strength was due to the fact he was dropped into a pot of magic potion as a baby).  Wonder when BSN or Optimum Nutrition are going to bring out some magic potion – a guaranteed winner in my opinion!

Who needs to lift barbells when you have huge stones!

5.  The Incredible Hulk – I never really used to read the comic books – I was more of the type to look at pictures!  I got into Hulk when he was portrayed by Lou Ferrigno in the films – I used to rent them from the video shop and watch them over and over again.  Gosh! …. Ferrigno was huge – I guess the fact that the Lou played the Hulk really brought it home to me that it was possible for a real person to have some serious size – am working on it…I’ll cath up with you someday Mr. Ferrigno!!

Incredible Hulk

apparently the Hulk is green because he is jealous of Chuck Norris (just a rumour though!)

6.  Superman – I loved Superman, not for his red underwear I might add, but more for his strength and his desire for justice and willingness to save others.  Superman was strong physically and character – which I often think is overlooked today.  There’s many videos of physically strong people on Youtube, but how many of them can show character to match (not to many!).  I’m convinced now that kryptonite still exists in real life today….not in the green crystal form though! We all have our weaknesses, which we must be aware of.

Superman strength

Strength of Character…the most important kind

Bit of a random post, but hey thought it was interesting.  Don’t know how it popped into my head to write about it – maybe it was the Avengers movie I saw last week, which was pretty decent.

Get cartoon strong,


Cartoon Strength Inspiration


My Training Diary: Summary of Last Weeks Training

Ok, I guess I thought it would be a good idea to give you all a bit of a summary of last weeks training.  Sometimes it’s difficult to get a comprehensive look at training as a whole when you just see a single workout, but rather see a longer time period.

Monday 23rd April

Max Effort Upper Body

1. Max effort exercise: bench press – 70kg x 5, 90kg x 3, 110kg x 3, 125kg x 2, 140kg x 1, 147.5kg x 1 (last week was 145kg)
2. Close grip bench (pause on pad at bottom – 105kg x6 (x4 sets)
3. Tricep pushdowns (straight bar) – 4 x 15 reps
4. Chin ups (10kg chain) – 10 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps.

Tuesday 24th April

ACL Rehab

1. High Box Squat (20kg) – 3 x 12 reps

2. Single Leg Press (100kg) – 4 x 12/12

3. Hamstring Glider Curls (BW) – 3 x 20

4. Pitch Jog (50m) – x10 reps

5. Skipping Rope – 4 x 50 foot contacts

Shoulder Workout

Military Press 6 x 5 – 40kg/50kg/60kg/65kg/70kg/70kg


Wednesday 25th April

1. 45 minute spinning class (cardio & ACL rehab)

2. 50m jog – x2 (ACL Rehab)

3. Skipping Rope – 4 x 60 foot contacts (ACL Rehab)


Thursday 26th April

Dynamic Upper Body

1. Scap Band Retractions

2. Band Shoulder Dislocations

3. Dynamic Bench Press (doubled short monster Mini Bands) – 77.5kg – 8 x 3 reps (used 3 different grip widths)

4. Skipping rope – 4 x 70 foot contacts

5. Rolling Tricep Extensions (20kg DB) – 4 x 10

6. Single Leg Press (110kg) – 4 x 6/6 reps

7. Machine Row – 4 x 10 reps

8. Hamstring Glider Curls – 4 x 20 reps

9. Leg Press (150kg) – 6 x 10


Friday 27th April

ACL Rehab

1. Skipping 4 x 80 foot contacts

2. Hamstring Curls – 4 x 15 reps

3. Leg Press (drop sets) – 160kg – 30kg (10 reps at every 10-20kg increment) – around 6 sets of 10 reps

4. Step Down Eccentrics (4 x 6 reps each leg)

5. Lateral Band Walks – 4 x 10 reps each side


Sat 28th April


There you have it – a quick rundown of my training week last week.  I’ll do a summary of this every so often, so you can see how I structure my training so you can learn some points for yourself.


My Training Diary: Summary of Last Weeks Training 23rd to 28th-Apr-12